Welcome to IPCorridor Developers Group L.L.C.

IPCorridor Developer Group L.L.C. ("IPCORRIDOR") is a New York State Intellectual Property (IP) Holding company focusing on building businesses. IPCORRIDOR helps small companies and independent scientists around the world to develop, test and market their products in the US, and Latin America. IPCORRIDOR’s CEO and Founder, Dr. Zevallos has ample experience in managing staff and in helping companies develop and market their products; Dr. Zevallos, being actively engaged in state-of-the-art research and development for the last 16 years, has in-depth knowledge, and a foresight and vision of the market opportunities.

IPCORRIDOR is currently seeking IP from independent inventors, universities, and governmental agencies to build up its IP portfolio. IPCORRIDOR welcomes inventors and small companies in search of assistance in the marketing of their skills, intellectual property, invention, or business strategy.

Currently, IPCORRIDOR counts on a network of hospitals and doctors in Latin America for the introduction, testing, and marketing of medical products for detection and diagnosis of cancer. IPCORRIDOR serves companies as a stepping-stone to the Latin American market by helping them with the testing, marketing, and distribution of their products. IPCORRIDOR’s product marketing capability in this region is based on knowledge of market needs; understanding of the technology; contacts and alliances in various Latin American nations; as well as familiarity with the language, customs and culture.